To commission a sword, scabbard or hilt send me a description of what you have in mind (sending a sketch with the description would be a good idea) and I will look at it and get in touch with you with any questions or suggestions I have (note: I will only do work that I am comfortable with, I reserve the right to turn down any prospective commission that does not fall within the bounds of my interpretation of the art). When we arrive at a settled design I require a 1/3rd non-refundable deposit for swords, hilt projects and/or scabbards for the project to be put in the queue, at completion full payment is required to ship. The time frame involved for completion will depend upon the complexity and uniqueness of the project, I will give you a time 'estimate' along with the price quote, at present my completion time is 'generally' 8-9 months on swords, 6-7 on most hilt projects, 6-7 months on scabbards. These are only general 'estimated' completion times the complexity of the project, materials availability and work load can effect these times.

As general rule changes cannot be made to the project after materials have been acquired and/or work has been started.

All sales are final on custom work.

Sales tax on orders from Washington State

We are required to collect sales tax for orders shipping to addresses in Washington State.

All claims for sales tax exemption in Washington State require appropriate exemption documentation.

Any state use tax due outside of Washington State must be remitted by customer directly to applicable state (Contact your state department of revenue for more information).

At present we are only shipping swords in the U.S.

Work that is not paid for within 90 days of completion will be considered abandon and sold to recover my work and materials.

If you would like to purchase one of our available swords or talk to us about a custom piece or parts you can contact us at the email link below.

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Customer Responsibility and Liability

As a customer of Yeshua's Sword, you certify that you are under no restrictions of law that may prohibit or restrict your possession of edged weapons. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Yeshua's Sword will not be held liable for the misuse of any product purchased from us. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless either the company, its owners, investors, board members, and staff against any and all claims, demands, actions, or proceedings, resulting in injury, death or damages, losses, and/or liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorney fees, relating to or arising out of any claim asserted by you against the aforementioned companies.